Welcome my fellow Entrepreneurs!  Yes, I know you stalk my website so I decided to build y’all a page your very own. Welcome, grab a cocktail or your favorite beverage and let me tell you a little bit about myself! I’m Leslie, owner of Tipsy Horse.  This is the 3rd business I have launched, and boy is she a dandy.

I began in 2017 and I scaled at a rate I had no idea was possible, what year is it again? Oh yeah 2020, what in the ever loving name of God is going on in our world!  If you are interested in starting your own business, bar or not. Do I have some gold for you, my friends! 

I built a successful bar business in less time than most people grow a human.  I get a bit of attention on the world wide web for that first bar of mine! Not only did I scale quickly but I did it when I was under the most intense pressure of my life. I was going through the big D, raising 5 kids,  in school full-time, and working part-time.  So it seemed the best time to launch my business!  This business chose me in a dream.  Not kidding, Tipsy Horse came to me in a dream, the trailer design, name, logo, color and pitch. I woke up and started to build.  I WAS FUCKING TERRIFIED!

My learning curve was so steep and sometimes those holes I fell into dang near swallowed me up. I have gotten to the most beautiful place in life, and in my business. I’m ready to invest in you wild, ambitious humans who are ready to step into who you know you were made to be.   I have a 3 month program tailor-made to help you avoid the 750 pitfalls I found while building, growing, scaling, and training my teams.

Please fill out the form, you will receive a brochure of the packages that are available.  You can also purchase and schedule a one-time clarity session, with Leslie.