Founder and Creator

Founder and Creator

Tipsy Horse was founded 3 years ago by myself, Leslie Lyon.  When I started researching different business models I had four plans I looked at.  To me the bar model was the least attractive and the most time consuming so I set it to the side as an unlikely option.

It was my goal to take all of my business sense from 3 different business models and test a market I knew nothing about.  Regardless of how I felt, Tipsy was determined to be born.  I went to sleep not long after researching the mobile bartending business, I woke up with divine inspiration.  I had dreamt the entire business, marketing pitch, logo, trailer design, and all the things.  I knew that the business had just chosen me.  I set to work on it the next day by purchasing the trailer.

From that moment on nothing remained the same in my life.  I had such a wide variety of experiences.  First and foremost was, everyone appeared to think I had lost my mind.  I couldn’t for the life of me find anyone to take what I had in my mind and translate that to a product.  I’m not going to lie getting shot down by so many builders in my area was discouraging.  (sidenote: All those builders did eventually work for me!)

I panicked, I got very concerned about pulling this all together and I reached out to someone out of state.  That builder had put together a mobile bar before and I wanted to rest in the fact that they knew their stuff.  Turns out, they didn’t have the experience or know how they claimed.  That one decision cost me over $25k.  To say it sucked is such an understatement.

Can I just say this………. If you are venturing into the business world, welcome, and please also know you will receive lesson after, lesson in business building.  The reality is being an entrepreneur is the largest reality check, growth curve and take a good long look in the mirror experience you will ever choose.  It is worth it?  ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!  Will it test you to know end?  Again and afuckingain!

That $25K hit hurt but dang did I learn from it.  I learned real quick that I could choose my teammates, that people aren’t always who they claim to be, that people who appear to be good people can have serious issues, that I am the CEO of this fucking company and no one, and I mean no one is going to own it like I do.

I could have allowed that one experience to keep me trapped and cage me up or I could use it to teach myself for the next round of lessons!  We all know what I chose.

I see so many amazing people debating jumping into the mobile bar business. I”m rooting for you 1000%.  Please know there are now way more resources available than ever before!  There are groups available, there are builders with integrity, there are coaches, and there are assets that the rest of us didn’t have when we started.  DO NOT make the mistakes I made make different, better ones.  Choose your team and choose them wisely.  You are the leader of your team, don’t let others dictate how that rolls out.  Lead it, grow from it, and do what it takes to make your dreams a reality.  IT ALL COUNTS!

I would love to be a part of your team and I would love to help you add to you in a way that eases the learning curve.  Check out my coaching page here!  Build your team with the people who help you be the best version of yourself.  A team should always help you scale and build!  If you are flying solo it will take longer and cost you more in the long run!