Harmonious Hydration with Bar Service

Harmonious Hydration with Bar Service

Shall we combine guests who haven’t been out in a year with their favorite people, warm weather and alcohol?  Yes, yes, we shall!  We do have a few tips to ensure everyone stays happy, healthy and hydrated!

We love, love, love to talk about the ideal cocktails.  However, an often overlooked area for you and your guests is hydration throughout the entire event.

Cocktail hour is at the top of everyone’s list.  However, by the time your guests make it to the cocktail hour they have often been on-premises or at your event for at least an hour.

Between that, warmer weather, and a refreshing cocktail your guests can be headed for disaster.

Most of our events have hired water service at dinner or a self-serve station at the reception.  This is great but that can often leave your guests hours between being hydrated.

We have a few options!  We absolutely love our all-inclusive packages.  This means every mixer, everything we serve at the bar for your mixed drinks can be served over ice to guests as a non-alcoholic option.

This delights our staff as we don’t turn anyone away, ever!!

Our next best option is a self-station.  We stage all of our non-alcoholic stations to be cohesive with the bar and your designated colors.  We offer various infused waters, flavored lemonades, unsweetened tea, sweet tea, and soda add ons.

Our bar service is normally on-site well before the ceremony and well after dinner.  We maintain this station the entire time.

What about diy?!  You absolutely can do this portion yourself or put someone in charge of it.  However, I like to share with all my events, while planning you feel on top of the world like you can handle it all!

Pinterest dreams about to be realized? When you venture into that last month before your event, oh my!  Or how about the week of?  This is where you start to come face to face with the fact that on your best day it would be a lot to take care of it all.

Can you?


Do you want the additional work, stress and headache?  That is the question!  If you have a solid person you can ask for support that’s the absolute best option.

On average you should plan for at least 4-6 oz of water/lemonade/tea/etc. each hour.  That is 15-20 gallons of beverage choice.  Ice, Cups, Dispensers, Labels, Table, Ice Chests etc.

We are happy to take it off your plate if you come to the conclusion you would rather place it in our hands!  Every event has it’s own moving parts, guest count, budget, and location.

We are here to support you to ensure you enjoy your long-missed friends and family!

If you haven’t checked our online shopping platform.  Take a quick moment to fill out our reservation form.  You will receive access right away to check our pricing and availability!


Happy Hydrating ?