Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

As we were just featured for Stephanie and Kyle’s glorious wedding  it seemed an ideal time to share their drink choices.  They happen to be two of our most popular drinks.  Both were created during our cocktail tastings.  For our clients who feature our custom craft cocktails at their events we include a complimentary tasting.

The tasting is my favorite moment with our clients.  Often this will be the only time we will get to sit and discuss exactly what our clients vision is for their event, and  drinks.  It is not at all uncommon for us to cultivate a custom drink for our guests during this time.

Kyle and Stephanie have lovely taste and they loved our Harvest Moon which has been named after their cocktail name.  Many of our couples rename the cocktails to suit their style.  Kyle and Stephanie have great taste in all the things but especially cocktails.

Our Harvest Moon is, bourbon infused with figs, and ginger for at least two weeks we let that flavor add the subtle spicy, sweetness of fall to our clients choice of bourbon.  It has a lime base, with orange bitters, angostura bitters, and occasionally we will even top it with champagne.  Finished with a dehydrated orange and served over ice.

For me, and I do not believe I am alone, the smell of the cocktail is as important as the first taste.  This cocktail nails it all!  It isn’t at the top of our list for no reason!

Stay tuned for their second cocktail!