How 2021 will reflect the changes in the world at event bars!

How 2021 will reflect the changes in the world at event bars!

There is no denying that Covid has changed the event industry!

Most of us in the industry are adjusting quickly, to the variety of changes that have come our way! One thing I am seeing is a distinct shift in what our clients are planning post covid.
As we all shift out of the pandemic and into a more enjoyable season there are a variety of changes that I am seeing as from the bar side of life. How they will affect each side of events in about to unfold.

One trend I am seeing is that Cash/Consumption bars are a popular option!


What is a Consumption or Cash Bar?

Simply put your guests pay for their drinks by the glass! This requires a Licensed Company to pull a day of license to sell alcohol by the glass at your event. Wedding or not, this a valid option to help keep costs within your budgets!

We offer Consumptions Bars with any of our Bar choices. Want to have the horse trailer at your event and take more control of your budget. This is an amazing option!

You can even purchase a portion of your guests drinks. Not only does this allow you to stay in a fixed budget but it allows your guests to have more options at the bar. Our Cash Bars have as close to a full bar set up at mobile vendors can get!

With the changes on the horizon I wanted to highlight what is becoming one of our most popular options for bar services in 2021!

Professional, Licensed, Contracted, Insured

With all that we have seen in 2020 something I welcome in whole heartedly is a better understanding by our clients of how important hiring Professional, Contracted, Insured, and Licensed Bar Services. If I could tell you how many brides were in my inbox destroyed by the 2020 plans being way laid you would cry for them.

I have heard some stories and I have seen some giant messes as we have tried to help brides navigate their events through a bizarre season. It has highlighted for many outside of the industry how valuable hiring a professional company is. I of course have always been of this opinion. It is a great shift for the industry for our clients to be asking more details on our contracts, our policies, and our procedures.

Liquor is the largest liability in the industry, for our business, the venues, and the hosts of the event. This in not an area to skimp on. Being a professional, licensed, and insured company, requires meeting the highest standards in the industry. Something we at Tipsy Horse are proud to say we do to a level that surpasses the requirements!


We are looking forward to the bounce back of 2021 events!  Take a look at all our our packages LINKS HERE!  But take a moment to consider one of the simplest options to keep to a budget!

We are so looking forward to spending an enjoyable 2021 celebrating a new year, your new event, and mostly being a part of your magical day!