Mobile Bar and the Infamous Pivot

Mobile Bar and the Infamous Pivot

Tipsy Horse began in 2017. It took off like a rocket.  More so than I could have every anticipated.  There have been some steep learning curves.  Like any business it can be tough to weight the benefits and the draw backs.

I was made for scaling and scaling is what I have done since the moment I launched .  I have added more bars, and more services at a rate that was staggering.

I was determined to be more than just successful. I planned to find the most beautiful way to do that while meeting my customers needs.  As I grew, I learned so many things.  I contracted with people who were dishonest, I learned how difficult it can be to help others see the vision you have.  Especially contractors, who work in the box.

I learned a few key things about myself while I was creating my vision.  It is rare for others who haven’t seen something done to be willing to try something new. As well as,  it is absolutely pivotal that you understand your own motivations and vision.  When questioned over and over if this would work, I could answer with an unequivocal yes, every time.

Ironically as Tipsy was wildly successful rather quickly, all of a sudden those builders who wouldn’t have one part of my builds before, were happy to take on my work.

The list goes on and on……

Contracts matter and so do budgets.  If it were not for my budget and working with the book Profit First, Covid would have taken my business out as it has many others.  It forced me to level up as a business person to anchor down and get serious about what truly mattered to myself and my business.

The redirection that this moment in time can either, propel you onto the next version of yourself, or it can stop you dead in your tracks.  I’ve watched countless business owners pivot some successfully and some unsuccessfully.  It’s all data to add to our tool belts for our next moments.

As I have adjusted my life from the trajectory I was on to the new roll, I realized I had been leading my business in a fast and loose way. I know I will be successful now, as I knew I would be successful then.  Covid for me, caused a big shake up in all the right areas.  Painful yes, but necessary and in the long run I know the foundation of my business will be better for this moment.

With that being said, I have hired an amazing Operations Manager. We have built a solid team of employees to provide top quality service for our clients.  It has allowed me to find something that I know I have craved for a long time, my true purpose! Building Others! Helping people achieve their greatest desires. Most of us know we were made for more than this. The actual application of that knowledge is where we can get sidetracked.

The scaling of myself, my relationships and my business has become my greatest asset as I work with like minded people.  Seeing my experiences add to others has been a gift I didn’t know I desired.  Working with my employees and coaching other businesses owners has filled me with gratitude.

There is something so fulfilling about being a part of someone else building their dreams and business.  It also scratches that itch, I get to start another business. Anyone else a serial entrepreneur?  After years of running businesses, and launching this start up from the ground up I have been given amazing tool to help others reach their next level selves!

How can I support you as your scale?

Check out my coaching page or my other website Uncaging the Lyon where I coach and do a variety of trainings.