Stock the Bar!!

Stock the Bar!!

Stock the Bar

Stock the bar is one of the best things I’ve heard all year.  As guests get creative after all the changes this year has held I applaud this idea!  Instead of a traditional wedding shower the couple is showered with booze.  UHHHH, YES PLEASE!!!

Who needs another set of frying pans and anything left over, you now have the makings of a wicked home bar!  The gift that keeps on giving!

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This pairs perfectly with our BYO Booze packages.  We provide you with a shopping list based on your drink choices.  This will help you direct your people, as a registry for your booze!

No matter which package you choose this stock the bar is my new favorite trend for weddings.  Personally, if I was throwing one of these I would do it the way I see others ask for you to give your favorite book for the new baby.

You are invited to shower the bride and groom with a gift of your choice.  In addition we are helping them stock their bar, bring your favorite bottle to add to their collection.


I have two cautions!  One, most people over purchase for their wedding alcohol.  You can for sure use it later but it also makes more work for you the day of and clean up.  So try to follow the recommendations we provide. Also don’t miss our brand new Alcohol Calculator for any event.    Two, plan to have someone the day prep and have all your booze iced.  You do miss out on the benefits of us taking care of everything.  You want to ensure the alcohol is iced and on location for us when we arrive!  No one likes warm beer!

Our BYOB Packages and our Alcohol Calculator are the perfect combinations!!